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Detail from Red Bales (2) Detail from Red Bales (2) Detail from Red Bales (2) Detail from Red Bales (2)

Red Bales (2)

"Wild pyrotechnics" - Francis Pratt of the Painting School of Montmiral


This work has had a considerable influence on the thinking of many artists.

Treasured by the artist, who has declined many previous offers, he has at last been persuaded to offer "Red Bales (2)" for sale.

There is much to say about this artwork which may be summed up by comparing it to the best song a writer ever produced, a rare moment of intense inspiration.


For more see further reading about Red Bales (2).


By Gordon Frickers 15¾"x19¾" (400x500mm), oils on oiled paper, Price of the original £10,000


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