Vin du Tarn – Gaillac

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Marking their barrels with a cock, Vin du Coq, Vin du Tarn – Gaillac


Want to know a wine secret? Gaillac. 

Vin du Coq – Under this title Gaillac wines have been sold for at least 300 years, why?

Partly as a result, currently I’m working on a 2 m x 1 m painting of “The Port of Gaillac 1863”.

The picture here shows the progress as of 06.05.14  Port_of_Gaillac_progress_06.05.14_IMG_0498.JPG_wp.JPG

This painting has been commissioned by the new museum ‘inVINcible VIGNEron’ which opened April 2014. 



‘inVINcible VIGNEron’ occupies more than 1,200 square metres, displays hundreds of items and has already in the press been called the finest of it’s type in France..

This Museum ‘inVINcible VIGNEron’ gives you an insight into the wine industry, a treasure of French culture, how it has grown and changed from the 17th century to the 20th century.


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For technical reasons unfortunately we can’t show you the work of the past 4 years which includes my living near Gaillac for 6 years and currently producing a commission for a 2 m painting of the old port for the new wine musuem at Broze opening in April, 2014; ask me Gordon for details, or follow the story on our blog, Twitter and Facebook.

We are building a new dedicated web site for this project.

We are quietly confident the best is yet to come.

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Strictly speaking we should not include Gaillac here.

Gaillac sneaks in to the Bordeaux wine villages project for several reasons foremost being Gaillac is representive of the villages and small towns up river from Bordeaux.

Gaillac has been sending wines and other much produce down stream for onward sale from Bordeaux for a very long time.

The vineyards of Gaillac are some of the oldest in France planted by Phoenician colonists.

Gaillac is or rather was at the navigable head of the second fastest flowing river in Europe, the at times ferocious river Tarn.

For long centuries, since the Phoenicians first planted vines around Gaillac the wines, corn, dyes, timber, charcoal and fresh foods were sent by river from the quays of Gaillac to Bordeaux and often sold as such.

Naturally the Gailllcios were not happy about that hence marking their barrels with a cock, ‘Vin du Coq’.

Thus Gaillac epitomises the river trade that helped build the fortunes of Bordeaux which at one time was the busiest port in Europe… so Gaillac represents the upriver world of Bordeaux.

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The wines of Gaillac (Gaillac is pronounced (forget the double “ll”) Gai ac, like Kiyac) are one of the best kept French wine secrets, some bad some good, some very good, all full of promise and improving.

This region of France was one of the last places the Middle Ages relinquished and that only recently. This is still a region most people have never heard of including most French people.

Today this region in Midi Pyrenees, le Tarn which includes Gaillac and the UNESCO World Heritage town of Albi has much to offer, much waiting your discovery.

Beautiful landscapes of forests gorges and farmland that team with wildlife, good foods, amicable people who love to sing and dance, a tour of the “Bastide”, fortified hill top villages is a must, and of the best vineyards is becoming with good reason, increasingly popular.

The paintings of Gordon Frickers give one a hint of the amazing, seductive beauty and variety of this ‘paye’, one of the least exploited regions of France, the ancient lands l’Occitan, lands of the Count of Toulouse, (Tolos in the old tongue of l’Occitan).

The extra ordinary colour and light of the Northern Tarn is a powerful inspiration for Gordon Frickers paintings which in turn have inspired the composer BoB Brennan and we know have already aroused some people to tour Gaillac and the Tarn looking for the sites Gordon Frickers painted.

Meanwhile the people of Gaillac are after centuries of slumber awakening to the potential of Vin du Coq.

Vin du Coq

We know Vin du Coq, Gaillac wine reached the ancient kings of England; records in the Tower of London tell and add it was good order more.

We know the Bordeaux merchants took the lion’s share of the profits often accused of marking Gaillac as ‘Bordeaux Claret’ hence the introduction of the cockerel mark on the tunnes of Gaillac, Vin du Coq.

Gaillac wines are more ‘original’ than most others in France.

Some are primitiveand inexpensive 2.50 Euros a bottle, others rival a good Bordeaux and may cost you £50.00 per bottle.

The bad wines are very important; they have potential.

The Imperial Classification of 1855 listed wine can’t change.

Were as Gaillac wines are wines evolving, where they don’t try to copy popular tastes Gaillac wines are beginning to realise some unique flavours and over the past 15 years they have been improving steadily.

Traditionally the Gaillac wines were consumed mostly within France.
There is a link with Bordeaux wine described here in “further reading“.
Bordeaux wine is as you probably know, were many of the world’s best wines in the world are made and a fabulous region to visit.

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