The Castel Daou Rey and rooftops of St Emilion – Extra Info

The Castel Daou Rey and rooftops of St Emilion The commune covers an area of 27 km2, is very beautiful and well worth exploring.

Saint-Emilion’s 35 km north-east from Bordeaux, between Libourne and Castillon-La-Bataille.
This medieval town stands on a hill top overlooking the Dordogne valley, and was built in a natural amphitheatre.
From the moment the bell-tower can be seen, Saint-Emilion enchants.
It is listed as a world heritage site.

Saint Emilion is most surprising remains are its underground monuments: galleries covering more than 70 ha. (About 150 acres) and the breathtaking monolithic church, dug out of solid limestone.


Picturesque Romanesque churches and ruins in this living ville are all along the steep and narrow streets, braving the passing of time.


The soft ochre, pink and brown-coloured stones have a mellow feel and the whole town smells faintly of red wine.

I recommend the many cultural excursions available though the Office de Tourisme (a good web site at or just stroll and explore through history, Saint Emilion keeps its doors wide open and the guide books are well worth while.
Whichever of Saint-Emilion’s seven gateways you go through you will immediately feel the pulse of this special town.

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