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These paintings represent the many new paintings being transferred to a beautiful new ‘landscape and portrait’ web site, i thank you for your understanding and patience, enjoy.

The url is specially built to introduce this these artwork.

French Landscapes
See the very many landscapes of France, some as commissions, some on speculation some as experiments, mostly in the Bordeaux, Tarn, Vendée, cote d’azur  and Brittany regions, some I guarantee will amaze you.
I’ve had the good fortune to 3 times visit and tour Israel and been honoured with an exhibition in Jerusalem.

Many of these Israel paintings

show a fascinating transitional period in the history of Israel as the country developed from the desolate and ruined land shown in nineteenth century paintings and spoke of by authors like Mark Twain. Most are for sale, browse, enjoy, invest, profit.
Halifax bomber
Hyperlink > Aviation paintings
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