“Spirit of Mystery”

Painting for Pete Goss MBE, Legion d’Honneur ; “I got exactly the painting I’d hoped for“.

Available as a superb signed numbered print and with a few remaining as signed by Pete Goss.

Spirit of Mystery, Southern Ocean
Spirit of Mystery, Southern Ocean

"“Spirit of Mystery”", a marine painting by Gordon Frickers, 121 x 76 cm (48" x 30"), commissioned, sold. Available as a print from our print page.

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In the words of a Pete Goss press release : “The renowned marine artist Gordon Frickers has produced a painting that captures the epic voyage made by Westcountry sailor and adventurer Pete Goss MBE, Legion d’Honneur, in 2008-2009 in the 37-foot long wooden boat Spirit of Mystery”.


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this is  typical feedback : “It’s the most expensive picture [print No 9] I’ve ever bought. Everyone who visits admires it. I’m so grateful you painted it, thank you so much” Ben Richards born and raised at Newlyn, now at West Looe.

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Fine #marineart for marine people by Gordon Frickers.


Ever generous, Pete Goss wrote to me :  “I took it (the painting of “Spirit of Mystery) home, made myself a cuppa, sat down and lost myself in it for half an hour. It has everything except the unforgettable noise of the Southern Ocean“.

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Available as a signed numbered print, with a limited number signed by Pete Goss; to make an order visit www.frickers.co.uk/art, payment page.


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