Robin Knox-Johnston, “Roaring Forties”

Suhaili” & Robin Knox-Johnston, 16 December 1968, deep in The Great Southern Ocean.

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for a brief inglorious moment there was me & two masts in sight & nothing but ocean in any direction for 2,000 miles. ~ “I saw this grey beard approaching. It wasn’t the biggest, it looked dangerous. I leapt into the rigging to avoid being swept away” > Robin Knox-Johnston wrote that in a letter to me a few months after our first meeting.

You can discover how this painting was conceived and created by following the ‘Further Reading’ link further down this page.

The original Roaring Forties measures 76 x 121 cm (30″ x 48″), oils on canvas, commissioned by  Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and his wife Sue for his 50th birthday. Marine Art by Gordon Frickers.

Roaring Forties detail
On an average size computer screen this details appears several time life size which in a way makes it all the more interesting.

Click on the image above or the images below to see more detail.

Detail from Robin Knox-Johnston, "Roaring Forties"Detail from Robin Knox-Johnston, "Roaring Forties"

The first solo nonstop circumnavigation.


The Iconic “Roaring Forties“, few paintings more clearly illustrate the power of the sea…and man“, Dick Durham, Editor, Yachting Monthly.

In similar vein Pete Goss MBE, Legion d’Honneur, after he commissioned “Spirit of Mystery” wrote “I did not know what I wanted. For many years I’d admired “Roaring Forties” so when the chance came to work with you I grabbed it“. He added “I got exactly the painting I’d hoped for“.

Today this non stop solo circumnavigation gruelling endurance test of man and boat is know as “The Golden Globe Race“.

Right now in 2018/9 a 50th anniversary race [GGR18 NEWS] is sailing using similar boats and equipment, and proving every bit as tough and dramatic as the original race.

Our efforts with the painting were highly successful”~ Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.


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The Print: reproduced to have the look and feel of the original painting, on finest canvas using inks the manufacturer guarantees under normal circumstances for 70 years plus, created with master printer Alan Tooze of Plymouth. 

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Robin said, “I would love another Frickers painting” and went on to order two more, “The Clipper Way” and one of his first ship, “Dumra departing Bombay“.

Today “Roaring Forties” is one of Robin’s most treasured possessions.


Further reading:  for a background history, images and the development of this painting.


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