Ice Maiden – the story

Ice Maiden, This magnificent and historic original #painting measures 76 x 101 cm (30″ x 40″)

Ice Maiden

Ice Maiden” 76 x 101 cm (30″ x 40″), is an inspiration to all who struggle in particular, against blind prejudice.

Available 1 remaining print signed by the captain and artist as a numbered edition price £177.00  including postage)

This now historic painting is one of 35 of mine that had the honour of being exhibited in the European Parliament, Brussels  (May 2011).

The National Maritime Museum, Greenwich wanted this painting however, it seemed to me, I hope you agree, more appropriate to sell the painting to Tracy Edwards.

Quote :

 Gordon Frickers & the Maiden Team combined to produce this painting which for me, the definitive image from that remarkable Whitbread race” ~ Tracy Edwards OBE.

Ice Maiden, 76 x 101 cm (30″ x 40″) plus frame.

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Painting Ice Maiden :

The yacht “Maiden“, according to her log, is in the Antarctic Ocean 50° 4′ South, on the morning of the 10th of November 1989, shortly after encountering icebergs.

Tracy and Howard Gibbons, meeting , interviewing them, to paint her yacht in action as she wanted ‘Maiden’ painted to support ~ ‘Maiden’ ~ with my modest talent, has been a pleasure and a privileged.

“Ice Maiden” has become a famous painting (to this date I have only 1 signed print left, £177. and inc P & P),

Newer, “Maiden Home” was commissioned last year by Tracy Edwards.

 The race exists today as the Volvo Ocean Race and is the considered to be the world’s premier offshore race.

This may be your last chance to grab and treasure one the only 1 remaining print signed by the captain Tracy Edwards and the artist Gordon Frickers as a numbered edition price £177.00 each including postage.

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Numerous ideas were discussed with Tracy Edwards, for example when the girls entered Miami provocatively wearing teeny weenie bikinis.

Tracy Edwards felt that this was the moment that would epitomise for the crew what the race was about for her & all her team.

In discussion with me Tracy felt that for the crew and team the defining moment is as shown in this painting about which when she saw it completed at the Royal Southampton Yacht Club Tracy Edwards first word was WOW!

The yacht’s log book and crew interviews helped inspire this painting.

The renowned marine photographer Rick Tomlinson generously provided photo references and of course I took a long searching look at the boat.

Maiden Team :

The achievement demonstrated by these women silenced their many critics who insisted an all women team would never complete the race.

A typical comment was “the women will fall out long before the voyage is done”.

The team defied them all by winning 2 of the most demanding legs of the race with what was clearly not ‘a money is no object’ boat and by returning to a thoroughly deserved hero’s reception at  Freemantle, Auckland, Florida and finally to Ocean village, Southampton.

I was asked, an honour, by the then head of paintings at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, if I would give this painting, ‘Ice Maiden’ to the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London.

At that time I had a young family and high hopes of a sale so I declined.
Despite the honour, I am glad I did decline.
"Ice Maiden" was eventually sold to the redoubtable Tracy Edwards, remains today, it remains a splendid example of my work, last shown when I was invited to give a one man show, an exhibition at the European Parliament, Brussels (May 2011).


This painting is among those 35 of mine honoured by being exhibited, by invitation, at the European Parliament, Brussels  (May 2011).

A book and a film of the challenge were produced.

You can find the latter on Utube,



Tracy Edwards “The painting arrived safe and sound and it is as wonderful as I expected!  It will be displayed at the RORC and then Maritime Museum”. 28,02,2017

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Maiden ‘Lecture’ Poster

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