Cowes Week, Further Reading

Prince Philip winning, one of a series of my paintings when attending the world’s most famous regatta, Cowes Week, some of which were made ‘plien aire’.

Prince Phillip
Prince Philip, Cowes Week on The Royal Yacht Squadron club house line.

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Cowes Week, detail
Cowes Week, detail 2 including Prince Philip.

I have a several beautiful ‘plien aire paintings of Cowes Week available, ask for details.

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This particular race :

I was able to witness first hand Prince Philip’s triumph as the distinctively green hull yacht won the race on corrected time.

Yeoman XXVIII” with Prince Phillip at the helm, passing the Western Esplanade, leading her class, taking the winning gun from the Royal Yacht Squadron.

My thanks go especially to one of the ‘old boys’ I found and  ‘cultivated’ in a pub on the West quay, a Cowes waterman, we shared a few beers and a few yarns.

I found all the local West Cowes people very helpful, kind, a good crowd.

Prince Phillip :

has over many years been an enthusiastic supporter & asset to Cowes Week, contributing humour, prestige and importantly, leadership.

Many are the yarns circulating about this colourful ‘Royal’.

On one occasion when Phillip had made a mistake rounding a mark.

An angry competitor yelled ” Who do you think you are? You don’t own the ruddy place” to which Phillip coolly replied, “no, but my wife does“.

A friend of the Aisher family, he sailed their Sigma 38, “Yeoman XXVIII” on quite a few occasions.

Having watched him in action, I produced this and another painting on speculation, to record a little of the flavour of a typical day from this famous annual regatta.

Yachting World, Rolex Nautor Swan Prize

Painted from direct observation on location, an event that happened, this painting shows (the figure in red at the helm) Britain’s Prince Philip winning a race at Cowes Week.

A glance at Debretts or even Wikapedia shows us we have lost a very active and great man.

Noted for his support for wildlife, he had among may achievements served with bravery in the Royal Navy throughout the Second World War, principally in the Mediterranean theatre.

R I P Prince Philip, God save the Queen !


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