Golden Hinde further reading

Drake, The Golden Hinde, points not covered in most histories.

In honour of the great voyage, The Golden Hinde was placed in public view beside the Thames at London.

Golden Hinde 2, built 1973, star of many films, her fate is a national disgrace, read about it at the end of this discourse.

Drake's Golden Hinde
Drake’s Golden Hinde

20 x 25 cm, (8 x 10″)

Drake’s Passage

Francis Drake the explorer, discoverer, sailing Golden Hinde during the storm after the passage of Magellan’s Straits, Drake discovered the tip of South America.

If you look at a chart you will see that to this day the passage around Cape Horn is named Drake’s Passage in Drake’s honour.

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2. “Time to finish the game’ and still beat the Spaniards“.

The academics have obviously not done their home work or sailed on Plymouth Sound.

Plymouth Hoe from Mt Batten
Plymouth Hoe from Mt Batten

I’ve sailed and raced on Plymouth Sound to many times to remember, often won races in part by knowing the complex currents of the Sound, and kept an engineless yacht on a mooring on the Cattewater where the English fleet awaited the Spanish Armada.

Cattewater and Mt Batten
Cattewater and Mt Batten

I have also checked the tide times thanks to Captain Paul Willerton of Plymouth Uni, at Plymouth Planetarium.

At the time the Armada news arrived at Plymouth the tide was flooding & according to original accounts there was no wind.

Given that, there was no chance of the English fleet leaving Plymouth Cattewater until the tide turned which is what happened.

Drake was a Plymouth man with many friends in the sea port.

Where better to be on a calm sunny day than hard by the old town on Plymouth Hoe for a game of bowls with ship mates and with fine views of Plymouth Catteware were the fleet lay, The Sound and open ocean beyond?

Thus there would indeed have been “time to finish the game and still beat the Spanish” so that legendary story, so typical of Drake, is likely true.

GoldenHinde Replica Famouth July 1982, author's photo
Golden Hinde Replica, Famouth July 1982, author’s photo

In honour of the great voyage, The Golden Hinde was placed in public view beside the Thames at London.
It was a hundred years before she fell apart.

Today Golden Hinde 2

the beautiful ship built at Appledore (1973) and used in so many films is wasting away in an isolated little dock on the South bank of the Thames, a symbol of England’s decline, a national disgrace.
Visit her before it’s to late.

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