Ark Royal, Plymouth

HMS Ark Royal, the “Mighty Ark”, in her day the most famous ship in the Royal Navy.

Watercolour 28 x 37 cm (11″ x 14½”), on 300 gsm paper.

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“The Might Ark” :

HMS Ark Royal, the most famous ship of the Navy in the 1970’s.

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Detail from Ark Royal in Plymouth Sound

This atmospheric painting was created soon after I saw her sail on her last voyage.

Detail from Ark Royal in Plymouth Sound


Detail from Ark Royal in Plymouth Sound



HMS Ark Royal :

as I saw her departing Plymouth Sound for the last time.

A result is this water colour painting unashamedly influenced by W. J. M. Turner’s brilliant and world famous “Fighting Temeraire, tugged to her last berth to be broken up”.

My tribute to a great ship and the great artist JMW Turner” who loved to visit Plymouth, Devon and paint the fleet and people.

Turner helped me with my “A Level Art history” a story for another time, here a tribute, HMS Ark Royal towed to her last berth to be broken up.



Ark Royal, this one was the 4th Ark Royal in the Royal Navy, an Audacious-class aircraft carrier launched in 1950, decommissioned in 1979


An illustrious name :

the first ‘Ark Royal‘ started life as the ‘Ark’ built at Deptford, London, on the River Thames, for Sir Walter Raleigh.

Following the convention at that time the ship soon bore the name of her owner so became Ark Raleigh.

She was purchased for Queen Elizabeth I, for the sum of £5,000.

Her first action was in 1588 against the Spanish Armada, when Ark Royal, as one of the largest vessels in the English fleet was the flagship of Lord High Admiral Howard.

Her distinguished career continued until she was broken up in 1638


Our Ark Royal shown here was Britain’s last strike carrier, she became a household name through the filming on board of the BBC TV series “Sailor” with “Sailing” with it’s signature song by Rod Stewart.


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