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Warships Collection, introducing examples of the art of Gordon Frickers.

It is upon the Navy under the Providence of God that the safety, honour and welfare of this realm do chiefly depend” ~ From The Articles of War (1652) as read to all of H.M. ships crews, weather permitting, at least once a month.

Looking for the very best in marine art? You have found it here: Timeless paintings, the test of true greatness & classics.

Detail from "I have urgent dispatches" (HMS Pickle carrying the Trafalgar News)
Detail from “I have urgent dispatches” (HMS Pickle carrying the Trafalgar News).

HMS Pickle
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection, H.M.S. Pickle, “I Have Urgent Dispatches”,
Available, also as as numbered limited edition prints from £157.00.

Marine Art commissions or Marine Prints, as you wish, Gordon Frickers is a very experienced capable marine artist.

HMS Pickle
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection,  “HMS Pickle, first with the news”
Hyperlink> Nelson & Trafalgar Collection, “First Shots”, available.
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection, Hyperlink > “Nelson’s Arctic Voyage”, HMS Racehorse“, available.
HMS Pickle off The Lizard
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection,  Trafalgar Dispatch, “The Trafalgar Messenger”.
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection, “Nelson’s Column”

Attack on Plymouth Sound

Hyperlink > Attack on Plymouth Sound


Hyperlink > The Last Buccaneer (The Great Pirate)


If you appreciate and are looking for the best in marine painting you have found it here.

Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection,
L’Hermione, La Frégate de Generale Lafayette, la Frégate de Generale Lafayette
Nelson, Gibraltar
Hyperlink >Nelson & Trafalgar Collection, “Nelson at Gibraltar”

Hyperlink, Nelson & Trafalgar Collection,  “Trafalgar Dawn, the French Perspective”
Original available;

also signed numbered limited edition prints from £157.00.

Trafalgar Dawn
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection“Trafalgar Dawn”
Available as numbered limited edition prints from £157.00.


Nelson's Bright Yellow
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection“Nelson’s Bright Yellow”


HMS Somerset,
Hyperlink >HMS Somerset, anti piracy deployment


Commissioned as a gift for her retiring Captain.
Gordon, We have the framed painting on board; it is perfect” ~ Lieutenant Commander Paul Evans, HMS Somerset.

Golden Hinde
Hyperlink > The Golden Hinde
Not available (taken and never paid for by Maryse Sportech of Amsterdam~ and the call Drake a Pirate !)


Hyperlink >Almirante Condell departing Portsmouth, 2008
Commissioned by BAE & the MoD, gifted to the Chilean Navy.


HMS Formidable
Hyperlink > HMS Formidable, 1942 – Seafires returning
Sold: Available as numbered limited edition prints from £157.00.


HMS Unique
Hyperlink > Moon Light Patrol (HMS Unique)
Painted for the son of her last commander..


Las Mercedes
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection,  Treasure ships, loss of “Las Mercedes


HMS Ark Royal
Hyperlink > HMS Ark Royal in Plymouth Sound


La Recoverance
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar CollectionLa Recouverance,


Zeven Provinciën
Hyperlink > Hyperlink > Zeven Provinciën“, Royal Netherlands Navy
Zeven Provinciën, Dutch
‘Zeven Provinciën’ with units if the Dutch fleet. Sold.
HMS Maidstone
Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection,  HMS Maidstone v Lion


HMS Saint Brides Bay
Hyperlink > H.M.S. Saint Brides Bay in a China Seas Typhoon


Laperouse entering Botany Bay
Hyperlink > Laperouse at Botany Bay


In addition, there are numerous bargains to be found among the drawings and sketches, ask for details, here are a few examples.


The Carronade

Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection, “The Carronade”

Cannon sketch made on-board HMS Victory

Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection, “Cannon sketch made on-board HMS Victory”

"The Death of Nelson, a French marksman's view"

Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection“The Death of Nelson, a French marksman’s view”

"Nelson's Bright Yellow"

Hyperlink > Nelson & Trafalgar Collection“Nelson’s Bright Yellow”

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