“Trafalgar Dawn”

The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection 

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Trafalgar Dawn with margin sketch as printed
Trafalgar Dawn with margin sketch as printed

By Gordon Frickers this marine painting measures 30 x 121 cm (12″ x 48″). Sold.

H.M.S. Victory, Nelson’s flagship, the view at 06.05, Monday 21st October 1805 

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This marine painting

a forest of masts“, as described in diaries, letters and log books.

I was awoken by the crew rushing on deck and by their cheering“.
This excitement was repeated on most of the other British ships.

Trafalgar Dawn places you  on-board the flagship among the crew.


Detail from "Trafalgar Dawn" Click to enlarge images.


Trafalgar Dawn“, this painting has an outstanding haunting ‘presence’.

‘Trafalgar Dawn’ is an historical document researched right down to the way ropes were twisted (rope laid or shroud laid) the men’s hairstyles and cloth.

This painting has been reproduced in several authoritative books

"Trafalgar Dawn" detail
“Trafalgar Dawn” detail

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Five minutes after this informal moment depicted, at 06.10, the British attack began in earnest with Nelson’s first signal of the day to his fleet.

By carefully examining the French and Spanish documents while visiting the archives of those countries it was possible to establish the exact order of the ships on that horizon.

For your enjoyment each name is reproduced under the appropriate ship on the Heritage prints we supply which you can order via this web site, from the Print Gallery on the task bar above.

This scene is based on eyewitness accounts, journals of men from both fleets, ship’s log books and sketches made at the time therefore the words of the men present at the time.

The margin of our extraordinary print includes a sketch of the combined fleet, named in order of sailing at 06.05 hrs.

Trafalgar Dawn (as printed) with margin sketch
Trafalgar Dawn (as printed) with margin sketch

The movements of the men, their positions, body language, cloths & even hair styles result from very meticulous research, much assisted by Mr. P. Goodwin Keeper and Curator of HMS Victory and Dr. C. White head of the Royal Navy Museum, Portsmouth.

As mentioned on my cv/ résumée Gordon Frickers I worked as Official Artist’ for HMS Victory. My paintings have been used to help raise funds towards the renovation to 1805 condition of HMS Victory, work supervised by the now legendary Mr. Peter Goodwin.

most original and memorable” ~ Peter Goodwin, Curator and Keeper, HMS Victory, June 1996.

HMS Victory photographed by Gordon Frickers August 2007
HMS Victory photographed by Gordon Frickers August 2007

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