Hermione, Surprise !

Hermione, the frigate of France, the frigate if Liberty, a worthy addition to ‘The Nelson and Trafalgar Paintings’.

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Surprise 10.09.17
‘Surprise !’

76 x 120 cm (30″ x 47.25″), offers from, £3,000, “Surprise!” no, the frigate Hermione, the frigate of Lafayette, the frigate of Liberty).

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Hermione Surprise two

Hermione, this splendid replica frigate is at sea and it’s possible to crew her.

This is a marine painting of the replica French frigate “Hermione“, a result from my visiting here and being generously given a VIP tour.

Hermione is superbly built and still based at at Rochefort sur Mer near la Rochelle.

Surprise, detail 1, 10.09.17
Surprise, detail 1, 10.09.17

Hermione Surprise three;

Hermione, the building of was part government funded over an 18 year period did much to revive the fortunes of a dying town thus as such can be a role model for other towns, in particular Harwich (home of THE original and famous Mayflower) would benefit.

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