Nelson’s Column

The Nelson and Trafalgar Collection.

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Nelson's Column
Nelson’s Column

Marine art by Gordon Frickers 35 x 121 cm (14″ x 48″), oils, the original was commissioned for Victory 2005, Available, price upon application.

Nelson’s Column , late morning, Monday, 21 st October, the year 1805.

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HMS Victory, HMS Africa
HMS Victory and in the background, HMS Africa

A classic sight from the age of fighting sail, a beautifully balanced very detailed painting (see detail from Nelson’s Column), HMS Victory leads Nelson’s Column carrying full sail and courageous Nelson and his men to the Battle of Trafalgar.

Researched and painted while I was Official artist to HMS Victory


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Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine
Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine
Marine Trades Association Member
Marine Trades Association Member


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