Nelson and Minerve

Nelson, said to be ‘of immortal memory’, Nelson’s voyage of December 1796 in the frigate HMS Minerve gives us clues to his character.

Nelson at Gibraltar
Nelson and ‘Minerve‘.

“Nelson at Gibraltar” 46 x 91 cm (18″ x 36″) by Gordon Frickers

Nelson’s significant voyage in the ‘Minerve’ has been ignored by most ‘Nelson’ authors.

This is surprising as it demonstrates his finest qualities as a leader setting an excellent example for all who would be leaders, to emulate.

The most famous of naval author’s C. S. Forester adapted an incident in his book “Hornblower and the Atropos” from Horatio Nelson’s voyage with Minerve for his character Horatio Hornblower.


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The painting :

Nelson and the ‘HMS Minerve‘; Gibraltar, 10th December 1796.

The  “Nelson and Trafalgar Series”, my inspiring brief from Victory 2005 Ltd on behalf or HMS Victory and the Royal Navy Museum, Portsmouth, is to show some of the lesser known but significant events in the story of Nelson and the Royal Navy.

Nelson about to board ‘Minerve‘, detail


Nelson’s transfer to the frigate HMS Minerve was the beginning of a special assignment, the voyage that consolidated Nelson‘s name, made him and Admiral Sir John Jervis celebrities, truly Internationally famous.

Yet most of the books on Nelson don’t mention Nelson’s crucial time on the frigate Minerve.


The richly detailed meticulously researched background includes HMS Captain.

Thus You have 2 Nelson ships for the price of one.


Nelson at Gibraltar (detail 1)
Nelson about to board ‘Minerve‘ (detail)



Nelson at Gibraltar (detail 2)
Nelson and ‘Minerve’ (detail including a zebec)


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The sketch that lead to "Nelson at Gibraltar".
The sketch drawn 19.02.1998, that lead to “Nelson at Gibraltar”.

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