Dockyard 400

HMS Victory, painting made on location with special permission during the dockyard 400 festival.

HMS Victory
Dockyard 400
 50 x 76 cm (20″ x 30″), offers from £ / € 12,000.
Dockyard 400, celebrating 400 years of Portsmouth Naval Dockyard.
A popular and now very valuable painting.
Probably the only late 20th century painting of HMS Victory in her glory, made on location and before the ‘modern security fences’ spoiled the visitor view of HMS Victory.
Today the ship is mostly de rigged, hidden behind hideous ‘security’ fences so this splendid moment is already historic.
Thus now, “Dockyard 400” is a rare painting in deed !

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A ‘Nelson and Trafalgar Series’ painting commissioned in aid of HMS Victory’s renovation to her 1805 ‘Trafalgar’ condition while I was her ‘Official Artist’.

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Painting at Dockyard 400

Painting “Dockyard 400”

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Marine art in action, painted on location, HMS Victory during the 400th Anniversary of Portsmouth Dockyard.

It is very rare to see and have a chance to buy a contemporary painting of the ship HMS Victory as she was towards the close of the 20th century.

I needed a permit, a special permission to create this painting inside Portsmouth Dockyard.

Producing this painting also gave me a further opportunity to really ‘look’ at Victory and as the very best painters will tell you, looking is the key to all good painting.

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