Wind of Change

A marine painting about change.

Sirius and Dreadnaught
Wind of Change


Wind of Change“has a fine lively sea, one can almost feel the freshness, the breeze and warm sun, a classic  #marinepainting yours for £2,000, 51 x 76 cm (20″ x 30″).

Marine #painting by Gordon Frickers

Any half decent gallery could sell this painting for at least £3,000, probably 5 or 8 however, in these difficult times I’m looking for a quick ‘Internet’ sale if only to keep my studio open for a bit longer.


 In this marine #painting the paddle steamer “Sirius” is being  overhauled by the ‘crack’ Liverpool clipper “Dreadnought” ~ but history remembers better the diminutive Sirius.

‘Dreadnaught’ was famous in her day, there is even a shanty specifically about her, a ‘crack’ Liverpool / New York packet clipper, was capable of 20 + knots.

Sirius made 8 knots and yet the first powered only transatlantic crossing thus with her historic voyage a new age of ocean travel commenced.

Sirius is also the inspiration of the Atlantic crossing chapter by Jules Verne in his book ‘Eighty Days Around The World’.



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Sirius paddle steamer
Wind of Change, detail,  available £2,000.


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