Titanic at Speed

Titanic at Speed’, the most widely known ship name today, ask anyone to name a ship;  Titanic painting by Gordon Frickers.

Titanic at Speed

Titanic, the most famous of ships, the renowned and romantic White Star Liner Titanic.

40.5 x 61 cm  (16″ x 24″) for sale,  SOLD.

The choice of many distinguished people and renowned companies, Gordon Frickers is widely considered the master of spectacular paintings.

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"Titanic at Speed", a marine painting by Gordon Frickers, 48 x 39 cm (19" x 15½"), Sold.

I’m delighted with the painting: I love its optimism.

That is what Titanic is all about!” T. Maltin, author of 3 Titanic books.

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To be as accurate as I could to the original ship, I built a to scale perspective model of  RMS Titanic.

If you are looking for the best, you have found it here.

If you like what you see here you will love the original, enjoy.

‘Titanic’ is so well known I’ve forgone my usual ‘further reading’ section’.

This painting is the smaller one of two I painted for a gallery on the south coast of England, the other, has sold.

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