Uganda, Falmouth to lay up

Uganda“, Falmouth,  ending  her final assignment,  as hospital ship during the Falkland’s war.

Uganda at Falmouth , Cornwall
Uganda at Falmouth , Cornwall, Sold.

By Gordon Frickers this painting measures 50 x 76 cm (20″ x 30″), Oils, Original Sold

Original Sold.

Uganda” hospital ship, after the Falkland’s War

Uganda, the marines called her “The Big white whale”,  the very last ship to carry ‘British India’ fleet colours  by then  managed by P & O [Peninsular and Orient Lines] which had merged with B I.

Painted after seeing Uganda at Falmouth and  King Harry’s Ferry Reach on the river Fal, from photographs provided by the World Ship Society, Falmouth Branch, and from location sketches of Falmouth harbour, a location the I know well having lived and worked there for 5 + happy years .



Uganda, Falmouth, detail 2
Uganda, Falmouth, detail 2


This is one of 2 paintings of this subject, both long since sold.



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