Kampala at the Gateway to India, Bombay

Marine painting, British India Steam Navigation Company
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Kampala, [Mumbia]
Kampala at Bombay (Mumbia)


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Marine art by Gordon Frickers 50 x 81 cm (20″ x 32″), Oils on canvas, commissioned, sold.

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Details on Kampala:

Britain was still undergoing food rationing several years after WW2 and
London was frequently covered in Smog from all the coal burning.
Winters always seemed very cold and there was no central heating in our
house. The Seychelles, East Africa and the excellent catering on the
KAMPALA seemed like paradise to a young Cadet. Happy days indeed and
never to be forgotten.
Salaams” Peter Glass

Pas: 60 1st, 180 2nd, 2441 deck. 1955 deck passengers replaced by 850 bunked. Finally 308 cabin. 1971 scrapped at Kaohsiung.

Bombay has reverted to its original name, Mumbai.

The British India Steam Navigation Company, once one of the largest shipping companies in the world, merged with P&O (Peninsular and Orient).

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