PQ 13, Frozen Fury

Arctic Convoy to Murmansk
By Gordon Frickers 40 x 50 cm (16″ x 20″), oils on canvas, commissioned by a survivor of PQ 13, Mr. H. Mills
update 17.10.2019 ~ Mr. Mills and his wife having both died, I’m advised by a descendant, this unique painting is going to be offered for sale.
Contact me for details.
Meanwhile here are a couple of photos of the painting taken on the 24.10.2019.
PQ13 Frozen Fury, framed
PQ13 Frozen Fury, reverse side

Pretty good condition for near 20 years old, a few minor blemishes that will clean off.

The Painting

PQ13, the first convoy to Murmansk to feel the full fury of German attacks on that route

New Westminster City” is the central ship illustrated here as PQ 13 is attacked

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Detail from PQ 13, Artic Convoy to Mourmansk   This very original painting was developed in part from ‘naive’ sketches provided by my client.    Detail from PQ 13, Artic Convoy to Mourmansk    Thus we are looking at his impression of what he personally witnessed.

Detail from PQ 13, Artic Convoy to Mourmansk

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I still have at the time of writing this, the file and notes we worked from including all his sketches and photographs.

Who cares?

This original painting was a commission by a survivor; intended as a family heirloom.

I last heard of it going to auction… I now rather wish I’d bought it back.

Further reading about my client’s experiences and PQ13.

Years later the painting was reproduced as a book cover at the request of Captain Igor Kozyr (rtd) who was co authoring with an American, John L. Haynes a book called “Frozen Fury“, a personal account of convoy PQ13, (ISBN 978-1-4512-0156-7).

Igor Kozyr asked me if he could use my PQ 13 painting, an early example of my art, produced for and with an eye witness, as the cover for the Russian version of the book (ISBN 9-785904-180379). 

Frozen Fury, Russian Version
Frozen Fury, Russian Version


Frozen Fury, about the art and artist
Frozen Fury, Russian version, about the art and artist.

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