Miami Beach

Miami Beach and ‘Emerald Seas’ is beautifully shown here entering Government Cut, the final approach to the port of Miami.

"Miami Beach", a marine painting by Gordon Frickers, 81 x 51 cm (32" x 20"), for sale, available, offers from £3,000 (about $3,600).

50.5 x 81.5 (20″ x 32″) available £3000.

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So many cruise ships use the cut locals refer to “The Liner Parade” and the café at the mole (pier) head is quite famous (nice too when I was there…)

A very personal painting :

Detail from Miami Beach and Emerald Seas

I,  Gordon Frickers sailed on this ship from Miami in 1989 with a group of passenger ship enthusiasts.

Detail from Miami Beach and Emerald Seas

I enjoyed my cruise, the cabins were spacious, the old ship spotlessly clean, including the engine room, the food good and ambience relaxed.

Miami was quite an experience too…

Emerald Seas :

Built in 1944 as a ‘Liberty’ ship P design, a standard design for troop movements, by 1989 she had changed appearance several times and name 7 times but still boasted her original steam engines of which her engine room crew were very proud and said “you can do so much more with steam engines, the ironing for instance!

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