Belle Poule, Étoile

Belle Poule et Etoile,
Belle Poule et Etoile,

"Belle Poule, Étoile", a marine painting by Gordon Frickers, 33 x 22 cm (13" x 8½"), in the collection of M. & Mme J. Linquette of Brest.

This is the sort of quality you can expect if you commission a water colour. It is but rarely I paint in watercolours. Oils are THE classic medium however watercolour has its own charm and is often less expensive.
Painted back in 1995 after seeing this fine pair of schooners, built 1932, owned by the Marine Nationale Ecole Navale, operated as training vessels, they have an unusual history.

Belle Poule et Etoile, detail 1
Belle Poule et Etoile, detail 1

I’m not sure if they were at Dunkirk, certainly they did rescue many soldiers from France, under fire, in 1940.
These schooner’s design is based on fast fishing schooners.
“Étoile” translates as “star”.

‘Belle Poule’ has a charming connection with Toulouse in SW France.
“Belle Poule” is said to derive from an incident in 1533.

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