Titanic, Plymouth, Further

Titanic, arguable the most widely known ship name today.
When she sank she took  “Plymouth Harbour“, after the renowned Norman Wilkinson with her.
Only a poor quality photocopy survives of the masterpiece.
Progress with ‘Plymouth Harbour’, 19.1019, Titanic’s lost master piece
Titanic, Plymouth Harbour
Plymouth Harbour 23.07.19, Titanic’s lost master piece
Titanic’s voyage was soon over, this painting sails on to become an addition to the brief life and long story, Titanic’s story.
Titanic, Plymouth Harbour
The Twins together 23.07.19
Thus my challenge is to reproduce as accurately, faithfully as possible, this lost masterpiece.
Titanic, Plymouth Harbour, [P1] progress to 19.06.19
The story of a remarkable painting, meticulously researched, painstakingly reconstructed.
Assets :

Fortunately I’m very familiar with the work of the famous Norman Wilkinson. I’ve sailed the Plymouth Harbour waters for over 25 years and am aided with the research by the gentleman who is probably the leading expert on Titanic today, author of 3 Titanic books, Mr. Tim Maltin.To discover more of why how these ‘Titanic Twins’ are so very special, read the text below.

By the way, one of these Titanic, Plymouth Harbour paintings will be for sale. If of interest contact me ASAP before the twins become well known on the social media.

This painting is one of two.

Titanic, Plymouth Harbour, progress to 17.02.19

One for my client, one for a lucky collector, it measures exactly as the original and is presented on the identical type of canvas, 79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″), oils by 

What makes this painting very special?

For one thing, the connection with ‘Titanic’, this page goes into considerable detail about the painting, explore, profit, enjoy.

To this painting I bring a combination of skills no other artist can offer.

These include, I’m very familiar with Wilkinson’s work having seem many of the originals in London.

I’ve lived at Plymouth and sailed the waters for over 25 years including winning to many races to remember so know the colours, weather, currents, history, intimately.

In fact it’s unlikely any other artist knows Plymouth harbour better so I’m the most likely to get right the weather and colouring of Wilkinson’s original painting lost when Titanic sank.

To that we can add, I have trained understanding of how photography and photocopies distort colour and there are my alleged painting skills which if you’ve not seen my originals, you can at least have an introduction via my two web sites.

Price or priceless, I’m open to offers, contact me by phone or email. T:+ 44 (0)1865 52 2435 M: + 33(0)610 66 19 26 ~E: artistfrickersatgmail.com 

The original was lost with Titanic.

Rising to a challenge, the story here is of a major painting in progress.
Wilkinson painting was highly symbolic, emotional, the splendour of Imperial Britain, – their pride was ‘Titanic’

Price or priceless, I’m open to offers, contact me by phone or email.  T:+ 44 (0)1865 52 2435 M: + 33 (0)6 10 66 19 26

E: artistfrickersatgmail.com

Looking for best in fine art investments? You’ve found one here.

One canvas for my client who is the leading expert on Titanic, the other for sale.
Two near identical canvases of the original painting lost with ‘Titanic‘ and of which only a miserable photocopy survives …

I wouldn’t normally copy or reproduce another artist’ work.

Why would I want to paint such a well covered story?

Why copy when I can make an original of my choosing?

However this painting is a real challenge and as you know, Titanic is a ship name just about everyone on the planet knows.

I was invited, enticed, I happened to be heading in that general direction anyway, maybe fate lead me to my client’s home.

After an amiable dinner and detailed conversation, by 05.00 in the morning and after sharing a bottle of fine vintage port, I’d found a new friend and fellow spirit; I surrendered.

Purchase can be by special arrangement, including payment in easy instalments.

You may find this painting more affordable than you first guessed, but don’t hesitate, I’ll never paint another like Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour“.

More information = T:+ 44 (0)1865 52 2435 or  Skype (gordonfrickers), Email (note, I’ve used ‘at’ please substitute @ ~ This is to discourage spammers): artistfrickersatgmail.com

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About Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour“:

A very special timeless painting to give you pleasure every time you see it upon your wall, an excellent investment too.

Plymouth Harbour studio progress
My brief is to reproduce as accurately as possible, “down to the last wave top and sea gull“.

Presenting for discussion, the progress, at my client’s house

Plymouth Harbour progress
The painting I am recreating as accurately as possible showed one of the ports of arrival on the Titanic’s schedule.
The original by the famous Norman Wilkinson was sited in pride of place in the Titanic’s First Class Smoking Room.
All that survives of the original is poor quality photocopy, not even a photograph.
Drawing exploring the values within the photocopy [for sale, £100 + P&P]
Fortunately I am familiar with Wilkinson’s work however that still leaves a detective story for us as I endeavour to unravel from the photocopy, colours and details as faithfully as possible to the original painting.

The Wilkinson painting was to be symbolic, emotional, to show a port of arrival at the time of day the ship was scheduled to arrive.

Titanic, Plymouth Harbour, tones 1 23.09.18

Man can overcome nature – his pride is Titanic… and it’s sentimental, too.

It’s about power and hope, optimism and pride, patriotism and progress, technology protecting and projecting our proud and long heritage

Sunshine at 2 pm – also showing that Titanic will be as reliable and clockwork and arrive on time.

It’s the perfect summer’s day, pre first-world war. Man can overcome nature – his pride is Titanic…and it’s sentimental, too.

Wilkinson painted ships from notes and sketches accumulated from all areas. It is almost certainly no particular ship at all – but is supposed to represent the latest class of battleship and the pride of British technology and sea power. They are is an emblems.

Similarly, the submarine just denotes sea power above AND BENEATH the waves

We think his style at this time was somewhat impressionistic – with a touch of fauvism in the sea! It is certainly a colour dependant painting.

Of some of the details, my client wrote, think the ship behind the wall may be a dreadnought – it looks very wide?

Only one black and white photograph of the painting survived until a descendant of Norman Wilkinson generously loaned it the makers of the last Titanic film.

Olympic, Smoking room
Olympic, Titanic’s 1st Class Smoking room would have been nearly identical

Unsurprising, they lost it.

What we do have is a photocopy.

Given there is nothing reliable to copy some ‘detective’ work, careful research, is needed.

This painting will not be a copy of the original by Norman Wilkinson, that is an impossible +.

Photocopy … yuk !

It is though intended to represent our best researched, representation, right down to the last wave top and seagull. I will copy Norman Wilkinson’s signature.

The soul oddity will be my own signature will be included.

Both her sister ships carried similar themed paintings, same artist, one of which survives to this day.

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Our advantages include :

*My client, author of 3 recent books on Titanic, is THE leading authority on this subject.

*Many years of my long training in England and France, specialising as a marine and landscape painter.

*Professionally trained, qualified photographer therefore well aware of what a photograph or photocopy does and does not reveal,

*Familiarity with the work of the famous Norman Wilkinson RNR.

*An intimate knowledge of Plymouth Harbour, it’s weather, shipping movements, history and its currents based on over 25 years of sailing those waters including winning numerous races.

*Knowledge of the history of Art including materials used during various ages.

* We have the exact dimensions, the artist’s style at that period in his life; I have identified the type of canvas and paint he used and I have found a source of supply.

*My client flatters me by considering i’m the best marine artist alive today. Of course there is no ‘best’, still, such sincere flattery is good for my morale !

Dazzle Camouflage
Dazzle Camouflage


‘Dazzle’ camouflage  was developed and designed by our friend the marine artist Norman Wilkinson.

Dazzle camouflage
Olympic, one of the sister ships of Titanic.

There is a brief introduction to this subject on my blog ‘Dazzle?‘.

Work which included ‘inventing’ and developing Dazzle Camouflage for the Royal Navy, later gifted at their request to the French, Italians and USN.

Norman Wilkinson
Dazzle Camouflage studio

Meanwhile, if you think I can help you in any way don’t hesitate to ask.

Gordon Frickers, 22,08,2018. 

To acquire this painting or to commission a similar painting, your easiest way is by instalments, bank to bank, ask us for details, or using PayPal via the Purchase Page.

Contact US ~

T:+ 44 (0)1865 52 2435 M: + 33 (0)6 10 66 19 26

E: artistfrickersatgmail.com,

E~ Important ! please substitute ‘@’ for ‘at’: artistfrickersatgmail.com

or Skype ‘gordonfrickers’ or whatsapp, or phone

Best value, buy from a dedicated artist- buy from a reputable, dedicated, established artist direct from his studio.

Titanic, Plymouth Harbour, progress as of 03.02.2019
See the sea change?
Here with Titanic, Plymouth Harbour, progress as of 03.02.2019 you can see the sea is changing, most of the under painting is now in place.
With this painting I am recreating as accurately as possible showed one of the ports of arrival on the Titanic’s schedule.
The original by the famous Norman Wilkinson was sited in pride of place in the Titanic’s First Class Smoking Room.
Fortunately I am familiar with Wilkinson’s work however that still leaves a detective story.

The Wilkinson painting was highly symbolic, emotional, to show a port of arrival at the time of day the ship was scheduled to arrive, man can overcome nature – his pride is Titanic…


Once in a life time is enough …?
A rare sight.

The two Titanic, “Plymouth Harbour” paintings after Norman Wilkinson, very Plymouth.
We think he would have used strong somewhat ‘Fauve’ style colours.
I play with each painting, trying colour combinations. 
This technique [schhh, artist secret…] which I’ve occasionally used before, enables me to experiment freely, without concern, with the colours.

When one looks best I used the same colours on the other so they will be very similar, “down to the last wave top and seagull” my client demanded.

Titanic, Plymouth Harbour, progress 08.03.19

Page Update 14.04.2019

Titanic Twins progress 18.03.19
T,PH 2 Progress 06.04.19

Some one is going to be very lucky.

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