Titanic and Plymouth

‘Titanic “Plymouth Harbour” a masterpiece magnificently reproduced, this is the largest most prominent painting, lost with the ‘Titanic’.

Titanic’s Plymouth Harbour

79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″) for sale, available.

A reproduction correct to the last wave top and seagull.

The original painting was commissioned by the White Star Line from the famous painter Norman Wilkinson.

All offers will be considered; this painting could be the most excellent investment you make this year.

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Titanic is the world’s most famous ship, ask anyone to name one ship.

Odds are they will name the Titanic.

Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour‘ was commissioned by the White Star Line

This painting is described on this website page and the attached ‘further reading page and in the journal of The Belfast Titanic Society issue 63, see below.

Titanic, paintings
Titanic’s masterpiece page 1, CQD Titanic journal issue 63.

Titanic was scheduled to regularly sail New York to Plymouth, England.

Titanic, lost paintings
Titanic’ masterpiece part 2, Titanic’s masterpiece, courtesy of the Belfast Titanic Society.
This definitive painting shows the Plymouth Approaches as the original artist envisaged for passengers arriving for Plymouth on board Titanic.
This is the vision of how the renowned painter Norman Wilkinson wanted passengers to see England at the height of her power and influence, vigorous, centre of the world’s greatest empire, as the Titanic entered Plymouth Sound.

Titanic, Plymouth Harbour

sails on to become an addition to the brief life and long story that is Titanic’s story and you can be a part by buying this painting.

Many distinguished people and renowned companies have chosen Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

Frickers paintings have been exhibited at many venues in Britain and Europe including by invitation, a one man show in the European Parliament, May 2011.

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Historical inaccuracy abounds;

here as one of my followers put it, you get a front row seat to historyand is in most instances, as near truth as near ‘documentary’, as meticulous, diligent research can get.

Propaganda, half truths and outright lies, there is so much in circulation.

I make a very considerable effort to present you with art work which gives you a feeling of intimacy and when ever possible, accurate.

Plymouth Harbour

Plymouth Harbour measures exactly as the original painting in every detail and is presented on matching canvas with the same sort of paint used by the original and famous artist, Norman Wilkinson when commissioned by the White Star Line, owners of the Titanic.
The ‘Plymouth Harbour’ painting was researched in very great depth and painted in collaboration with the distinguished Titanic author of 3 books on the subject, Tim Maltin.
Together we produced over 50 pages of research then collaborated closely as the new painting emerged. 

Titanic author, Mr. Tim Maltin, said

It is also fair to say, I chose Gordon Frickers as the best living marine artist who has also sailed on Plymouth Sound for over 25 years so no one knows it better.
He is in addition, very familiar with the paintings and life of the original master, the painter Norman Wilkinson.
Consequently he has the experience to understand the style, the techniques and also in practice his art education in England and France makes him clearly the best choice for this replica of ‘Plymouth Harbour’.
Frickers lived in Plymouth and has sailed the waters, racing and cruising since 1977.
Remarkably, he was also able to correctly identify many details in the original Wilkinson painting which have been previously misinterpreted“.
Plymouth Harbour, The painting
Plymouth Harbour, a detail
This painting shows Plymouth Approaches as the original artist imagined passengers arriving on board Titanic would see England as the Titanic approached Plymouth.

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For the inside story follow the ‘further reading’ link below and enjoy !

“Plymouth Harbour” :

Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour’, this splendid painting is presented on the authentic type of canvas and painted with similar oil paint as per the original painting.

My brief was to reproduce as accurately as possible, “down to the last wave top and sea gull“, two near identical canvases, one for my client, the other for sale, of the original masterpiece lost with the Titanic, only a miserable photocopy survives …

A very special timeless painting to give you pleasure every time you see it upon your wall, an excellent investment too.

Titanic’s voyage was soon over

This “Plymouth Harbour” sails on to become an addition to the brief life and long story, Titanic’s story and can be yours.

‘Titanic’, according to the Smithsonian we are told, after God and Coca Cola, ‘Titanic’ is the most widely known word in the world.

Titanic Twins 27.03.20

‘The Titanic Twins’ :

By following the further reading link below you can enjoy seeing how the painting is gradually revealed.

(Me presenting the near completed painting ‘Plymouth Harbour’ for discussion at my client’s house).

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Many satisfied customers including famous companies and distinguished individuals.

You will be in safe hands, typical of my clients, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston wrote: “Our efforts with the painting were highly successful”.

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About Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour”:

Further reading:

Background history, images and the development of this painting.

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A very special timeless painting to give you pleasure every time you see it upon your wall, an excellent investment too.

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