Titanic, Plymouth

Titanic : “Plymouth Harbour” is the largest most prominent painting lost with the ‘Titanic‘.

Titanic’s Plymouth Harbour

Plymouth Harbour is meticulously researched and reproduced for the first and only time, to be correct to the last wave to and seagull, the definitive reproduction.

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Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour‘, this splendid painting is presented on the identical  type of canvas, is accurate to the last seagull and wave top,  measures exactly as the original, 79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″).


Titanic’s voyage was soon over.

This “Plymouth Harbour” sails on to become an addition to the brief life and long story, Titanic’s story and can be yours.

This fine painting is now available, there will never be another like it, contact me or Mr. Tim Maltin.


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Titanic, according to the Smithsonian we are told, after God and Coca Cola, Titanic is the most widely known word in the world.

Titanic Twins 27.03.20


‘The Titanic Twins’.

You can acquire one of the “#Plymouth Harbour” marine paintings or commission a painting of this quality as your timeless, excellent investment.

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Me presenting ‘Plymouth Harbour’ for discussion at my client’s house.

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About Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour“:

A very special timeless painting to give you pleasure every time you see it upon your wall, an excellent investment too.

My brief was to reproduce as accurately as possible, “down to the last wave top and sea gull“, two near identical canvases, one for my client, the other for sale, of the original masterpiece lost with the Titanic, only a miserable photocopy survives …

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Background history, images and the development of this painting.

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A very special timeless painting to give you pleasure every time you see it upon your wall, an excellent investment too.


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