Titanic, Plymouth

Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour“, after Norman Wilkinson.
A major painting in progress.
Titanic's painting
Plymouth Harbour progress 24.08.19

‘The Titanic Twins’, I’m working ‘full and by’ on this pair.

Titanic’s “Plymouth Harbour”, nearing completion 25.11.19
Titanic. Plymouth Harbour
The Twins together 23.07.19

Titanic’s voyage was soon over, these two paintings sail on to become an addition to the brief life and long story, Titanic’s story.

Titanic’s ‘Plymouth Harbour‘ measures exactly as the original and is presented on the identical  type of canvas, 79.5 x 172 cm (31 3/5″ x 68″), oils, by 

For the most up to date image follow the further reading link below and enjoy seeing how the final painting is gradually revealed.

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Presenting for discussion, the progress, at my client’s house

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About Titanic’s, “Plymouth Harbour“:

A very special timeless painting to give you pleasure every time you see it upon your wall, an excellent investment too.

My brief is to reproduce as accurately as possible, “down to the last wave top and sea gull“, two near identical canvases, one for my client, the other for sale,  of the original only a miserable photocopy survives …

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Background history, images and the development of this painting.

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