Fowey, Shipping In A Gale

Fowey, Cornwall, a South Wasterly gale, coaster, pilot boat and tug.

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50 x 81 cm (20″ x 32″), By Gordon Frickers , original Sold to a private collector in Plymouth

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Detail from Fowey harbour, Cornwall

Painting Fowey

Fowey, an historic, picturesque and favourite port of mine, the name Fowey is pronounced in ‘English English’ as opposed to any other version of English, ‘Foy’ like ‘toy’, ‘boy’ or ‘bouy’.

Detail from Fowey harbour, Cornwall

The port of Fowey, Cornwall, painted from location studies, one in particular.

That oil sketch made as I semi sheltered in the ruin of Polruan Block House, a square tower that used to support the East end of a barrier chain across the harbour mouth, as the gale was in progress (click further reading below), a tug and pilot boat assist a coaster entering the port to load English China Clay.

Detail from Fowey harbour, Cornwall


Fowey was the opposite shore and while painting I had a little ‘tête à tête ‘with an angler, another and related story, see “further reading“.

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