Mermaids Pool

Mermaids bask at Mermaid’s Pool, at  Kynance Cove in the far West of Cornwall where legends abound.

Kynace Cove
Mermaids Pool

By Gordon Frickers 47 x 62 cm (18½” x 24½”)


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Kynance Cove , ‘Mermaids Pool’, enchanting, magical, can only be reached at half tide on calm days when Mermaids Pool will reward your visit most generously with its steep, green granite, suntrap cliffs, sun table rock and undersea gardens.

Nearby are pure, sweet white sand beaches and maybe still, delicious Cornish Cream teas …

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The whole Lizard area is well worth a visit.

I love the Lizard Point most southerly of Britain, nearby Cadgwith Cove and certainly (my favourite) Kynance Cove.

There is though much more to discover.

One can spend days exploring, walking, sun bathing there.

At Kynance Cove, don’t miss the ‘Mermaid’s Pool’, only accessible at half tide via ‘Queen’s Pool’, and try a swim to the underwater ‘garden’.

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