Gale, shipping, off Fowey

A right bloody mess”… How that came to be is a funny story in it’s self.

Shipping movements off Fowey in a gale

From a study made on location during a strong South Westerly gale.

Measuring 50 x 81 cm, [20″ x 32″], long since sold for £500.

People usually ask me to paint detail and yet the risks I took that day, the freedom and fluidity of this painting is I feel more representative of my natural character.

 I produced and sold this back in the 1980’s, “Gale off Fowey, shipping movements”. 

Shipping movements off Fowey in a gale detail 1

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This painting was developed from a location sketch made during the gale, in the days when I lived near Fowey [pronounced Foy as in Toy, hoy or boy].

How that came to be is a funny story and the stuff of legends.

Further reading: see the images and the development of this painting.

I’ll add a more bit of that in the book I’ve been asked to write about my work and life.

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