The White Ship

The White Ship in Charlestown, her home port.

The White Ship, Charlestown

Newly completed ‘The White Ship’, a Charlestown Morning.

48 x 61 cm (19″ x 24″),  Charlestown by Gordon Frickers.

Charlestown is a used by filmmakers past and present, painted half a dozen ways by me.

Charlestown is a port very picturesque port well worth visiting, good restaurants, an interesting museum and fine beer and pub food.

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The Painting :

Charlestown, a new painting of this famous port probably the last I’ll create of this scene.

I’m sometimes asked “how long did it take to paint?”

While I can a do make a painting at times in minutes ‘The White Ship’ in Charlestown has been in production for 4 decades.

Good painting takes time, great painting takes longer.

If you want to commission one of my paintings, the sooner we start the sooner you will have a great painting.


The White Ship :

As a sailor and  artist living nearby behind Par Beach I knew Charlestown and The White Ship, Maria Asumpta both well.
They knew me too.
I sailed on the white ship, the ‘Maria Asumpta’
She was the last and at that time oldest 19 th century merchant ship still active.
This ‘white ship’ or rather ‘brig’, is the ‘Maria Asumpta‘ at the time the oldest active square rigger in the world, built Spain 1858.
I learned much of my square rig sailing with her.

Charlestown :

This Cornish port is a popular and very interesting port with much to offer your visit.

Charlestown has a fine beach, fair parking, lots of strolls including on the coastal footpath, a interesting museum and I can certainly recommend the hotel, the restaurants and the good Cornish pub.

I  lived nearby behind Par Beach for 5 happy years.

I still visit and enjoy Charlestown occasionally.


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