Brest 96

Brest 96, a painting make on location of the fleet as it departed Brest.

Brest 96, the fleet

40 x 58 cm (16″ x 23″),  for sale, available, offers from £ 750.

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One of the 35 paintings selected for the rare honour of a solo exhibition at the European Parliament, Brussels

The huge traditional boat festival, over 2000 boats at Brest grew out of French enthusiasm for restoring old vessels and building replicas.

Detail from Brest 96

This amazing event attracted 35,000 visitors and 3 hours National TV coverage per day.

Detail from Brest 96

As the day unfolded we can see some of the two thousand plus vessels heading out of Brest bound for Douarnenez.

Brest 96, final day
Brest 96, final day

Painted on location, I pre planned this task by reconnoitring the coast on a previous day.

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