Cornish Lugger

Emerging talent ~ study of a Cornish Lugger.

A very early example of my art work.

Oldest Cornish Lugger
Lugger Barnebus

Barnebus, lugger, approx 23 X 35 cm (9″ x 14″) Watercolour, made approximately 1974. yours for £250. ex studio, ex frame.

The painting:

The Cornish lugger is a type of sea going vessel or rather the sailing rig on one.

They were fast, sea worthy, economic, much used by fishermen, smugglers and sometimes by pirates.

Cornish lugger ‘Barnabus’ has to be one of the most curious entries in the section, for several reasons.

Luggers were to feature more in my life, in two paintings quite famously.

I was sitting in sunshine on a bollard on a quay near Penryn, West Cornwall.

Barnabus is a charming very early ‘Gordon Frickers’ study, one of the earliest surviving examples of my work and emerging talent. 

I drew the picture probably in 1974 certainly from life.

Look carefully and you can see how , unaware I could be classified as ‘colour blind’, I was struggling to understand the colours.

Red sails in the sunset?

Barnebus, I don’t know where she is now, The restored ‘Barnabus’ is  a very rare example of a type of vessel that used to number in the thousands, the Cornish lugger.

Barnabus was then about 100 years old when I made this study back in the days when it was still very unusual to see an old small craft restored.

I thought she would make a good ‘drawing exercise’ so settled down to produce this carefully drawn study of Barnabus.

I decided to try and colour the picture and ran straight into the issue of my strange colour vision, some misname, “colour blindness”. 

Later I was to gradually learn, mostly under the guidance of the immensely  knowledgeable Francis Pratt at The Painting School of Montmiral [France], how best to exploit my rare gift of enhanced colour vision.

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