Lapérouse, the First Fleet and Botany Bay, warships on an ill fated voyage of science and discovery.

Laperouse and the First Fleet, Botany Bay
Laperouse and the First Fleet, Botany Bay

Lapérouse and the First Fleet at Botany Bay” measures 61 x 91 cm (24″ x 36″), oils,

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By an extraordinary coincidence the two French ships commanded by Lapérouse, engaged upon scientific discoveries, entered Botany Bay, Australia, the very same day as the First Fleet was evacuating Botany Bay in favour of Port Jackson and Sydney Cove.

The French stay lasted 3 months to refit while enjoying amicable relationships with the tender new British colony.


Painting :

I’m quietly confident no other painting  portrays these two ships so accurately or better shows the approach to Botany Bay.

Thus we have both a fine painting and an historic document to entertain us, to guide and inspire future generations.

I’ll explain why in my following text.


Our setting is Botany Bay, South Australia and my tribute to the gallant Jean François de Galaup, comte de Lapérouse, of Albi, Tarn Province, and his men.

You can acquire “Lapérouse and the First Fleet” or commission a painting of this quality.

Laperouse and the First Fleet (detail)
Laperouse and the First Fleet (detail)


Lapérouse :

painting is in itself a  ‘voyage of discovery’ that starts in Albi, France, the beautiful hometown of this renowned French navigator.

For our two French ships, I made as meticulous and detailed study as possible, including of the few surviving drawings made of Astrolabe and Boussole during the voyage of Laperouse and of similar French ships of the period, their plans, pictures and models.



The First Fleet :

were easier to research, being well documented.

The background was researched at and thanks to the staff in particular Mr. Guy Hannaford, at Her Majesty’s United Kingdom Hydrographic Office, Taunton.

You can discover how this painting was researched and produced via my hyperlinked text,  ‘Further Reading.

I trust you agree it is fair to say this marine painting is both unusual and an historical document, a  timeless investment for us and it’s to be hoped, future generations to be entertained, inspired and enjoy.


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Further reading, Laperouse & Botany Bay.

At UKHO with Guy Hannaford, looking at the Serres watercolours.
At UK Hydrographic Office with Guy Hannaford showing me “The Coffin” with it’s amazing watercolours by Serres, real treasure at UKHO !


 Main Text, Further Reading


I was greatly assisted by staff of the Musée Laperouse and members of the Association Lapérouse, Albi, France & Mr. Stephen Best.
Do try and visit the splendid Musée Lapérouse at Albi,  the hometown of this gallant commander.
The museum has similar dimensions to  the ship of Laperouse.
To all who had the imagination and faith to assist my work, who gave so generously of their time, my sincere thanks.

You could acquire “Lapérouse and the First Fleet” or commission a painting like this.

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