Schooner Race

A marine painting of Racing Schooners with a remarkable story.

Schooner Race, off Falmouth two working schooners clash.

This new marine painting in oils by Gordon Frickers,  measures 70 x 105 cm (27.1/2″ x 41 1/4″).

My client saw A Dispute Settled on this web site.

He wrote to me saying “I’d love a painting like that one“…

This fine marine painting is the result.

These schooners are the ‘Rhoda Mary‘, of Falmouth, the ‘Katie Cluett‘, of Fowey with the cutter ‘Mary of Truro‘ and theirs is a special story, see the link below,  ‘Further Reading’.

Have you ever thought, “I’d love a painting like that one“?

You could have something similar as this is a second version of A Dispute Settled painted by me in 1989.

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Four inch frame, ‘Schooner Race’, this is the unfinished painting in proposed frame, proposal accepted by my client.

Further Reading :

see the images and the development of this painting.

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