Merchant Sail

Working sailing ship paintings introduced here via the ‘Gordon Frickers’ paintings and taffrail yarns via ‘Further Reading’ links.

Cutty Sark
Cock of the Seas‘ off Krakatoa with the Cutty Sark : Available, £10,000.

New, progress with a painting of racing schooners, a commission going to the USA.

Hyperlink to > ‘Schooner Race, commissioned, Commissioned, painted for a gentleman in Florida USA

“New and Old, yours for £1250.

An invaluable connection : My basic seamanship and respect for salt waters was learnt as an adolescent with the very last men who traded without engines.

Those iron Men represented the very last of their kind.

They were in a very real sense an honour to be with as the sun set gloriously on the long history of British merchant sail,

"Waterwitch" off Gribben Head, Cornwall

Hyperlink >
Waterwitch” off Gribben Head, Cornwall

Available as a signed, numbered PRINT on canvas from Marine Art Prints.

The original long since sold to a gentleman in Plymouth.

I have come to realise, to have this connection, unique among today’s marine artists, with  those tough, modestly courageous, hard working and very skilled men is a qualification, an honour.

They were and still are is a profound influence of my marine paintings.

Hyperlink > Pirates !, available £1500.

Years later I realised I’d learned upon the very same waters Drake, Cook and Nelson learned their small boat handling, the Swale, the Thames, the Medway estuaries.

Portuguese Carrack fleet entering the Gironde circa 1490

Hyperlink > Portuguese Carrack fleet entering the Gironde,

Shipping wine, Carracks arriving in the Gironde“.

Available, yours for £1250.

I learnt much, seamanship, many attitudes, which have become for me, intuitive, part of my soul,  from some of the last Britons to work cargo under sail.

We shall not see their or mine like again.

Hyperlink > Laperouse entering Botany Bay, available, 6,000 Euros

If you appreciate and are looking for the best in marine painting you have found it here.

Hyperlink > Mayflower, Plymouth, & Sutton Harbour, SE view, No. 2 concept sketch, available, £230.

"Jane Banks" entering Bermuda Hyperlink to
Hyperlink > “Jane Banks” entering Bermuda

Available, £1250.

Hyperlink to > Samuel Plimsol <, painting progress 12.08.19

Last British square rigger to ‘trade foreign’, available as a signed, numbered print on canvas from Marine Art Prints

Pearl fishermen working with a Sanbaq Dhow Hyperlink to

Hyperlink > Pearl fishermen working with a Sanbaq Dhow.

Available, yours for £1500.

Dhow and Dolphins

Hyperlink > Dhow and Dolphins

Available, yours for £1200.

The Golden Hinde Hyperlink to
> The Golden Hinde <

Stolen : I’m sad to say this mini masterpiece was taken to Holland by Maryse Sportouch, and never paid for. Piracy? At least I retain the copyright…

Baghlah - the traditional deep-sea dhow Hyperlink to
Baghlah – the traditional deep-sea dhow

Sold, commissioned on behalf if His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

The Image appear with my permission as copyright holder as the front cover of a best selling book  “The Corsair“.

Fine paintings sell books.

Wind of Change 

Hyperlink to Winds of Change

Yours for £1500.

Oldest Cornish Lugger
Hyperlink to Cornish Lugger ‘Barnebus’

A very early example of my emerging talent

Yours for £250.

Maria Asumpta entering Plymouth 

Hyperlink to
Maria Asumpta entering Plymouth

Maria Asumpta‘ was ship I spent very many hours aboard.

Painting sold to a private collector via a Chester gallery.

"Rhoda Mary" and "Katie Cluett" Hyperlink to
“Rhoda Mary” and “Katie Cluett”

Commissioned by a gentleman of Falmouth, Cornwall.

Available as a fine art signed, numbered PRINT on canvas from Marine Art Prints

"Ferriera" ex "Cutty Sark", "Last Departure" Hyperlink to
“Ferriera” ex “Cutty Sark”, “Last Departure”


Available as  a signed, numbered print on canvas from Marine Art Prints

"Last Arrival"

Hyperlink to
“Last Arrival”


Tectona & Moyana off the Eddystone Hyperlink to
Tectona & Moyana off the Eddystone

Sold to a sea captain, a professor at Plymouth Uni.

"Tectona, dawn off Bolt Head"

Hyperlink to
“Tectona, dawn off Bolt Head” 

Available £1,500.00

As Gordon’s marine art here demonstrates, over the years Gordon Frickers has deepened his affinity for merchant sailing ships, painted many and sailed upon a few including ‘Maria Asumpta’“:

Nick Bonham, director, Bonhams of Knightsbridge, London.

At the time the ‘Maria Asumpta’ was the oldest sailing 19th century square rigger anywhere, and still capable of carrying cargo, Maria Asumpta.

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