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Welcome aboard, The Marine Art Of Gordon Frickers and a rich resource of paintings, stories and adventures.

Gordon has more than a casual affinity with Britain’s Seafarer’s” : Lloyd’s List International.

Gordon Frickers

I learned my basic seamanship from some of the last Britons to work under sail and my shipwright skills from Cornish boat builders and have studied art extensively in England and France.

As full time painter for 35 + years I am among other things I am only marine artist honoured to have been invited to exhibit at the European Parliament (May 2011) and only ever official artist to HMS Victory.

Enjoy my unusual CV/resumee if you’d like to discover more.

Looking for the very best in marine art? You have found links to examples here. Timeless paintings, acknowledged classics, the test of true greatness.


This gallery page provides an introduction to 30+ years of marine painting and marine experiences, and much unique, archived written marine history.  


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European Parliament Exhibition May 2011

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Last Departure, detail


Nelson at Gibraltar, detail

A master shipwright, man of the sea and widely read as you can discover on his very unusual  Gordon Frickers CV/Resume).

Hebrides detail 2

Gordon Frickers has a rare sense of atmosphere, additionally his work benefits from two approaches to style and colour, his preparation and research is meticulous, second to none.

This is combined with a highly unusual colour experience, sometimes surprising us with  his combinations of colours, his compositions and atmospheres challenge and excite many people in much the same way and for similar reasons as did his illustrious predecessors as far back as the elder Van der Velde, J M W Turner and the likes of  Monet and Degas” > Francis Pratt, Painting School of Montmiral.



Cutlass 40 detail

With a reputation achieved entirely on merit, you can see an impressive list of clients and patrons.

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Artist Gordon Frickers story is ongoing,  “one of the new masters of the 21 st century”, a “new Turner” [Roche Elite Non 2017] . You will of course form your own opinion and  you can follow him on his Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook and the most informative, his blog.

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Nelson’s Pickle, First With The News (detail) ~ by Gordon Frickers


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Racehorse, a detail


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