Mauretania Painting, The Most Famous Cunard Liner

Mauretania a painting of her Maiden Departure from Liverpool, a few are available as a collector’s print.

"Mauretania Painting, The Most Famous Cunard Liner", 76 x 50 cm (30" x 19½"), Also available as a print from our print page.

Mauretania painting showing the Cunard ship making her maiden departure and prints are available & you can discover the highlights of her history

This original painting was meticulously researched.

The small craft where all actually present and as with other details are all faithfully reproduced in this notable painting.

In print, [original sold] a very few copies remain unsold is a signed, limited edition.
£187 inc P&P via our Marine Art Prints page.
Payment can be made via Paypal or bank to bank via page the Purchase Page


Cunard’s  Mauretania was the fastest ocean liner afloat for 22 years, a record still unbroken, the Mauretania remains the queen of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mauretania painting shows this famous Cunard ship making her maiden departure and prints are available and

You can click on the image above or the images below to see more detail.

Detail from "<cite>The Mauretania</cite>, Cunard Express Liner"

Mauretania held the Blue Ribband of the Atlantic for longer than any other ship, ever, over 22 years.
Mauretania [detail]
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This painting is explained and you can discover here the highlights of Mauretania’s distinguishes career.

images, the development of this painting, the story and more.

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