Plymouth, Emigration

Emigration, Plymouth maritime paintings, the best depot in Britain, a largely forgotten yet significant part of  Plymouth Ocean City history.

"Plymouth, Emigration", 122 x 76 cm (48" x 30"), £15,007 (about $19,000) by Gordon Frickers. Also available as a print from our print page.

maritime Plymouth paintings, and history to be proud of the Emigration depot Plymouth Ocean City history.

This is the only painting ever that accurately records aspects of this formally famous Plymouth emigration depot.

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Emigration, Plymouth is meticulously researched, circa 1872.

Emigration, finishing touches, Fine Art by Gordon Frickers.

Many distinguished people and renowned companies have chosen Frickers paintings as you can discover by reading my illustrated résumée.

Frickers paintings have been exhibited at many venues in Britain and Europe including by invitation a one man show in the European Parliament.

What Chance?

My wish is that someone buys this historic painting for the people of Plymouth City.

Probably not, after all the city of Chester missed out with the magnificent ‘Port of Chester 1863’ which went elsewhere to a private buyer.

Gordon Frickers is widely considered a master of spectacular paintings.

Frickers art has been and is the choice of many distinguished people and renowned companies.

Painting Emigration

We do not have to be an art critic to instinctively feel the painter has a complete understanding of the nucleus of the moment.

Paintings like ‘Emigration Plymouth’ have an existence beyond time as normally perceived.

Yet, ‘Emigration Plymouth’ has an existence very much of our real world.

‘Emigration Plymouth’ will continue to communicate to generations way beyond our own.

E U Parliament exhibition, marine paintings at Brussels
British Artist at the E U Parliament, gets the vote at Brussels.

So very many famous voyages, so many lives reborn, at the time, Plymouth had the best organised emigration depot in Britain.

In the wake of the Mayflower, under a Harvest Moon, the famous clipper, ‘Samuel Plimsol‘ is preparing to make sail at Plymouth, Devon, England.

This fine painting as yet never exhibited in Plymouth shows you a lost history and yet one Plymouth and Plymouthians should celebrate, be proud of.

The painting theme

Emigration at one of the most historic pieces of water in Britain, The  Cattewater, Plymouth, England.

We have here Mount Batten, Jennycliff and Plymouth Sound with a harvest moon over a famous ship the Aberdeen built ship rigged clipper, ‘Samuel Plimsoll‘.

I painted Emigration Plymouth for several reasons.

Emigration Plymouth is a part of Plymouth and migration history that people today can be inspired by and proud of.

Emigration Plymouth is a reminder to people who forget or are unaware that migration is not a one way traffic.

The real issue is, does the host land benefit from migration, in who’s opinion, if so how, where is the proof ?

Emigration and the Plymouth Depot

At last this lost Plymouth history is now documented by this painting.

Emigration Plymouth
Emigration Plymouth, a depot detail
At least as far back as the famous ‘Mayflower’ voyage (1620), Plymouth citizens played a central role in ‘exporting’ migrants.
In other ports migrants were often robbed.
Plymouth’s citizens were notably kind, generous and helpful.
They created the best migrant depot in Britain.
Tens of thousands of migrants passed through Plymouth particularly during the 18 th and 19 th century.

Any competent gallery will be delighted to offer this painting at this price.

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Available from our Print Gallery as a signed limited edition print

Harvest Moon

Samuel Plimsoll” the ship

this famous clipper is one of the fastest ever built.

Here she sails specially fitted for emigration, regularly sailing from Plymouth to the Antipodes.

Samuel Plimsoll” will return usually with wool, racing the best ships of her day including the renowned clippers ‘Cutty Sark‘, ‘Thermopylae‘ and ‘Caliph‘.

This fine and detailed marine painting is available as a signed numbered print,  to make an order visit page.

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