Missing / Stolen Art

Missing Pictures, AWOL, a compliment I don’t need… 
possibly mislaid, possibly sold
via a gallery which has not declared the sale to The Art of Gordon Frickers otherwise stolen and or probably re sold.

If you know the where-abouts of any of the following kindly inform The Art of Gordon Frickers immediately, thank you.

The following paintings for various reasons are missing.

An extensive stock take has failed to reveal them.

Two have been reported by a third party as stolen .


For information leading to the recovery of each picture £25.00

For information leading to a prosecution of each picture £250.00

Reported as stolen

“Liberty ship, North Atlantic Winter” Painting reported stolen from the Hotel Bellevue, Sicily
Nizou IV off Taormina in Sicily, Vesuvius in the background Painting reported stolen from the Hotel Belvedere, Sicily

Missing, possibly mislaid, sold or stolen and re sold

St Brice, first light, church & vinyard missing since March 2010
Montagne de St Emillion missing since March 2010
After a thunderstorm Vines sunflowers forest of Sivens and vale of Gaillac missing since July 2007
Le Champ des Tournesol et la Foret de Gresigne missing since March 2010
Landscape with sunflowers missing since March 2010
Study of trees in a breeze (1) missing since March 2010
Trees in a breeze 3 missing since March 2010
Before THE storm missing since December 2009
Landscape from Castelnau de Montmiral missing since March 2010
The schooner “Jane Banks” leaving Fowey, Cornwall missing since March 2010
Cape Cornwall missing since June 2010
Sunset over Saint Austell missing, last logged Sept 2008
Landscape with cattle near Fowey missing, last logged Sept 2008
Plymouth Sunset from the studio missing, last logged Sept 2007
Sunset, Cornwall missing, last logged Sept 2007
Sunrise, sea fog on Par Beach, 1984 Found ! 
Female figure, 2 sketches missing, last logged Sept 2007

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