Albigois – Jacheres Fleuries – Extra Info

Albigois - Jacheres Fleuries A modest strip of land that has become spectacular and is noticed by just about every passing vehicle enclosed person, butterfly and bee passing on the, by French standards, busy road from Albi towards Cordes and Castelnau de Montmiral and Montauban.


In a very short time this field became very well known.

The sign in the field read:


Embellissons notre payage
Respectons notre environmeant
Une initiative des chasseurs avec l’aide des agriculteurs
Si vous souchaitez un bouquet, merci de demander l’auterisation au propretaire.
Federation Departementale des Chasseurs du Tarn
Renseignements 0563 49 19 00
Let us beautify our country
Let us respect our environment
An initiative of hunters with the assistance of farmers
If you want to pick flowers, please obtain permission from the owner.
Departemental Federation of Tarn Hunters
Information +33 563 49 19 00

Never the less, many would stop to pick the flowers.

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