Place de Sauternes – Extra Info

Place de Sauternes This charming unpretentious village “place” has a cheerful modern feel, various welcoming national flags, floral gardens with seats and pathways laid out to create a “place” of space, light & calm. Yet this is the business end of the village with the colourful Maison de Sauternes, the community centre and La Mairie, the town hall. The buildings have been thoughtfully renovated & this painting, an oil sketch was produced at the suggestion of the mayor & mayoress as a possible Christmas card for the village.

This sketch of Sauternes in effect a drawing with little more than a quick colour wash was made at the suggestion of Madame Dechamps, Mayoress. It still represents 5 hours on the location in a temperature of +40C. Made the day Gordon left Sauternes for Montmiral & the South.

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