Vagrant off the Needles – Extra Info

Vagrant off the NeedlesVagrant” was built in 1910 by the masterbuilder Nathaniel Herreschoff of Rhode Island, famed for his unbeaten America’s cup defenders.

Vagrant“, the second of that name built for Vanderbilt, measures 106.5 feet (32.46m) overall & was a graduation present for Harold Vanderbuilt, costing $26,000.

Her first race was from New York to Bermuda. In 1925 she was still regularly winning the New York schooner class & by 1938 renamed “Queen Mab“, she was the New York Yacht Club flagship.

By the 1970’s, she was a near wreck lying on a Caribbean island. Peter de Savery found & restored her making such an excellent job of her that she was listed as one of the 10 finest new yachts of 1988. He cruised with her as a family boat & also used her to promote an America’s cup challenge. What would old Nathaniel have made of that?

Gordon Frickers painting of this rare schooner shows her at that time, demonstrating big boat sailing during Cowes Week to VIP’s & celebrities.

Vagrant” & “Mariette” appear to be the only surviving examples of large Herreschoff schooners.

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