Marques at Charlestown, Cornwall

A preparatory drawing for an oil painting that was sold by Mid Cornwall Gallery

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By Gordon Frickers 30 x 22 cms (12″ x 9″), soft pencil on paper, price of the original £750

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Detail from Marques in Charlestown, Cornwall Detail from Marques in Charlestown, Cornwall


This sensitive drawing was made at the time when the artist lived for 5 very happy years near Charlestown.

Amusingly the Gallery actually had clients arguing over who would buy the painting…

Marques and Inca (later known as ‘Maria Asumpta’) were for many years based at and part of the life of the village and port of Charlestown.
Well found ships and much loved, long gone, one sank and the other was wrecked.
Life is short, make the most of your chances.

This is one of three sketches made for “October Evening”, an oil painting that was sold by Mid Cornwall gallery. The other two were Marques and Inca in Charlestown and Sketch for October Evening, Charlestown.


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Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine and of Marine Trades Association
Gordon Frickers, the only artist member of British Marine
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