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A commission, ‘Titanic’s “Plymouth Harbour”.

Commission or buy with Gordon Frickers, established as a full time painter in 1981, web site established 1998, simple solutions for you.


Approximate sizeApproximate sizePrices depending on complexity from
Oils on canvas / board, watercolours 15 % less

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Payment :

Payment is easy Bank to bank, ask for details. We supply you an IBAN number etc.

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Cash in Sterling, Euros or US dollars only.

By smaller instalments (by prior arrangement), email or phone us.


Painting commissions :

These are usually paid 3 stages, one with your order, one when we are both pleased with the design and one when complete, approved by you and ready for dispatch.


Other arrangements are possible, see below.

  • Note please: I can’t give you a final figure until we both know what you want so contact us  after which I’ll confirm in writing.
  • Approximate Sizes and Prices are approximate until agreed, good news watercolours are 15 % less.
  • Sure of what you want? To order, contact us or go direct the the Purchase Page.


Your time frame and or a budget?

I recommend you get in touch as soon as possible, that helps us both.

I appreciate all clients have a budget which includes cost and time.
I understand keeping to a budget.
Clients are always consulted where unusual costs may be incurred.


Painting prices shown here assume a ‘normal’ scene, complex scenes take longer so best is we discuss what you have in mind.

You will be in safe, experienced hands, as my resumeé shows, I have been honoured to be the choice of many distinguished individuals and famous companies.

Which ever course you choose, for you this will be a fun and fascinating experience.



I can work very fast however, good painting takes thought and time, great painting takes longer so were possible allow more time than you expect.


You are joining a great ‘family’ :

“I would love another Frickers Painting”,  Britain’s most famous living sailor, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – who eventually commissioned 3 paintings and has become a friend.

Painting for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston


To commission a painting :

all you have to do is get in touch, discuss your idea / requirement and ask for details from Gordon Frickers

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At last I have a REAL painting in my house“. [T. Maltin, Nov 2018]
Note please:final figure to be agreed, depending on the complexity of the painting required, for example a port scene may be more complex.Some very special paintings are for good reasons a lot more expensive, notably ‘The Nelson & Trafalgar Collection’, ‘The Port of Gaillac 1863’ and similar.

That said, they are very remarkable so overall these prices represent excellent value, a very sound investment for you to make.

You will have excellent value for your money.

By the way, commissioning  can be a justifiable business expense, ask for details.


Our Guarantee :
Our terms are among the very few on any web sites that properly protect you, my client.
Buy from a dedicated artist- buy from a reputable, established artist direct from his studio.


C. S. Nexus on the Mersey

“The composition and the quality of your painting is quite simply stunning and has deeply impressed everyone who has seen it.
The detail, lighting and colours deserve particular attention; the inclusion of another CMS vessel in the background is a delightful touch as is the choice of venue”

T.C. Hart, Managing Director of Coe Metcalf Shipping Ltd, who was presented with a painting for his company services by British Telecom Marine.


Commissions :

For your individual requirements, I make sure you are happy with the result.



Ben Ainslie, the celebrated Olympic Gold and silver medallist wrote:
From the paintings and sketches I saw at your house, I’m quite sure the painting will be brilliant“.

Painting with Ben Ainslie for British Olympic


Roaring Forties” described by Dick Durham when editor of Yachting Monthly as ‘iconic‘.


Kindly note, any hidden bank charges must be added to the final amount agreed.


Captain J. B. Simkins when Managing Director of Caledonian MacBrayne, after commissioning a series of paintings from Gordon Frickers said, “very professional“.

You can see some of the paintings in the saloons of ships Clansman, Hebrides and Loch Nevis.

Capt . J Simkins & GF at Barra


You are looking to commission the best in 21 st century art, suitable for royalty?

Paintings that are a pleasure to see on your wall, impressive, a timeless subjects of enduring worth?

You really should look at Gordon Frickers 2 web sites for a sound investment, an heirloom for your family or business or simply because you enjoy the painting.



Our Guarantee

  1. Our terms are among the very few on any web sites that properly protects you, my valued client.
  2. Buy from a dedicated artist- buy from a reputable, established artist direct from his studio.
  3. If you need a contract we have/can prepare and issue a contract.
  4. What you get is what you thought you bought or you get your money back, a full refund.



Read about more on Gordon Frickers CV / Resume.


To commission a painting, to make a start,  contact us by phone or email.

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston & Gordon Frickers at the GGR 18, Sables de l’Olonne, France.


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Further Reading, Credibility and creativity ;

Join with such distinguished people as Princess Anne, Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, Sir Richard Branson; the Royal Naval Air Service, and famous names like Yamaha, British Telecom, La Mairie de Sauternes, Maison de la Fontaine de Brest, The National Trust, and H.M.S. Victory.


Gordon Frickers is listed on Wikipedia, in Debrett’s Distinguished People of Today & Who’s Who Art and Antiques.
His formidable list of distinguished clients and patrons are listed at CV/Resume.


Greetings Gordon, my print of the Waterwitch arrived today at 1:30pm! Great service from the post office.
I am very pleased with the picture and it will hang in a place of honour in our home
J. Morton, Canada, 28.01.07


Of “Trafalgar Dawn
Thank you for my beautiful picture safely arrived.
I love the frame ! It will give me years of pleasure, good luck with your work
Sally Wickens, Penzance 15.08.05


Re Ferries/ Clansman at Barra:

The print has just arrived …
I am speechless … just as well I am typing!

I know it would be nice, but I am totally blown away, it is fantastic.

It is already on show sitting on my colleague’s desk, fortunately for her she is not at work today, it is causing quite a stir in the office, as you can imagine.

Yours, in awe, Tess (address supplied)



Yachting World, the premier sailing magazine have commissioned Gordon Frickers 5 times to produce the Rolex Swan European Regatta Yachting World Prize.

A typical comment from a recipient is:
“I have won a few prizes in my racing career but I can assure you this will be one I treasure most”, M.J. Leadbetter


Order today, don’t delay.

Contact US

T : Mobile 00 33 (0) 6 10 66 19 26 or Whatsapp / Facebook Messenger ‘gordonfrickers’

Email: info at


I have a unique record of delivering very fast when necessary.

  • For the Yachting World prize, winning boat painted and picture presented on the same day at the Royal Yacht Squadron.
  • The Virgin Atlantic Challenge 2, painting completed almost as quickly as the Atlantic crossing was made.
  • Yamaha had a major oil painting produced and delivered in 4 weeks, for their President’s boardroom in Japan.

To commission a painting contact us by phone or e mail to make a start.

The mystery of paintings

Hazlerigg (a Moody 31), Commissioned as a Christmas SurpriseYour paintings speak about you, few things make a home or offices look more stylish than very good paintings.
The rooms are given uplift.

People notice the aura without their even looking at the paintings.


Paintings convey authority and integrity to the rooms in a way which no other furnishings can, challenging the imagination of all who see them.

Fine paintings arouse conversations and give pleasure and value every time you are near them.


Read about more on Gordon Frickers CV / Resume.


A. M. Brown comments:
Firstly I have to say that I feel privileged to hold them.
They feel immensely precious, and I feel being with the originals rather overwhelming


Clive . R. King wrote (owner of King of Hearts): “It is already giving me great pleasure and reminds me to make more time available for the joy of sailing” – and Clive King commissioned a second painting, of his next boat.


If we can be of further assistance, don’t hesitate to e mail or phone to ask.


“Your painting of HMS Pickle opened my eyes to what painting can do”, Peter Goodwin, when Curator of HMS Victory, H.M. Naval Base, Portsmouth. Today Peter is a distinguished author with 17 naval books to his credit.

“I Have Urgent Dispatches”, framed

Your best value, buy from a dedicated artist- buy from a reputable, dedicated, established artist direct from his studio. 

Established as a full time painter in 1981, web site established 1998.

World famous pictures, “Roaring Forties” for example have been commissioned here, you are in safe hands.

This web site price list supersedes previous lists.

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Fees, our Terms , our Guarantee, are among the most generous on the Internet so don’t hesitate to ask, you will be in honest, experienced hands.

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