Copyrights & Commercial Usage

Copyright need not be a problem, copyright can be mutually advantageous.

We often issue an image reproduction limited licence to cover our clients exact needs.

For most people and businesses (TC, films, videos, books, journals, museums and so on, this is a far more economic solution for reproduction than having to by a full copyright.

Copyright is for selected images or parts of, to use in press articles, products, as postcards or on a calendar, is easily inexpensively negotiated under the safe umbrella of our Terms and industry standards.


Mutually Advantageous copyright

Please Read Carefully.

We are happy to issue licences.

Quoting your source helps your credibility, the artist and others to find and enjoy your, our work.

For educational and private use we often allow a free copy.

Be sure to always credit my name and where possible this web site.

However please note :

as with all artist’s work, by International law these pictures and texts belong to the artist and his descendants, so may only be copied after written permission and for commercial use, after a copyright fee has been agreed and paid.

Respect the long hours, years, the art and texts, don’t infringe.

If in doubt see ‘Terms’ or contact me, Gordon Frickers.

Copyright can be easily and economically purchased / licensed from Gordon Frickers for a reasonable cost, fully or partially, all or part of an image, as a licence, or where appropriate, given.


Kindly respect copyright

as you would wish for your own family, the families of artists.

Our work is very well protected by “state of the art” technology and in law.
Infringements can be and are prosecuted.


By International agreement, copyright belongs to the artist & his / her descendants, regardless of who owns the original art; unless the artist signs a written agreement to pass on the copyright.

Kindly note : Any agreement regarding use of copyrights & licences is only valid in international law if it is in writing & signed by the artist.

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Don’t hesitate to ask for details.


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