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Jerusalem, young men studying The Romans occupied Israel during the days of Jesus who is said to have entered Jerusalem through this gate of destiny.


Blocked by Arabs in the year 810.
It has remained closed now for nearly 12 centuries.

It was during this time of the Arabs occupation when the Eastern Gate was with great malice of forethought, sealed up.
The reason was the Arabs were trying to prevent the arrival of the Jewish Messiah into Jerusalem.
Over the many years Arabs have buried their dead in front of this Eastern Gate.

This gate is blocked from the inside by the Islamic Arabs who have also repeatedly broken the graves on the Mount of Olives.
Why do they bother? If the legend is to be true they can’t stop it, if untrue, does it matter?


Arabs think that the Messiah will be restrained from entering Jerusalem by this route because they think the Messiah will be bound by Old Testament laws which prohibit Him from coming in contact with the remains of the dead.

The truth of the matter is that, if the Almighty is the Almighty, there is absolutely no force in all of creation which can stop or hinder the fulfillment of even one of G-d’s prophecies, if it is going to happen, it is going to happen.


One can only hope that this gate can be reopened in the near future and fully restored for access to the Temple site by all nations.


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