Driving, a fast changing environment…

I’m going to add 2 articles about driving particularly in France that may be helpful to a few people.

The road environment in Europe is changing fast and I’ve been keeping notes so the first article is about  GPS, the second will be mostly about the rapidly changing speed limits and safety measures in particularly in France, enjoy, contribute replies if you would like to.

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A cute airport, an airport disaster

Today was  mostly spent exploring the world heritage city of  CarcassonneCarcassonne_IMG_1618_d.JPG

The morning started as so many others here this year since mid June, grey and a chilly 13 C with spots of rain.

The prime task was to take my friend Suki to Carcassonne airport for a Ryanair flight to Stanstead.

Secondary was for Michael Baker and I to explore Carcassonne and or drive down to the Med.

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Mini drama in traffic, St Emilion and so to Castelnau de Montmiral

Road_felon_IMG_1479_d.JPG Got back safely despite the effort by an Arab looking felon to sink me on the Bordeaux periferique in heavy traffic… click the pic and look at his wing mirror… and my Vectra has an offside unfashionable blue line, clipped mirror and broken indicator.

Could have been worse; however when my car was hit I did not know that and that son of  a crazy bitch refused to stop. Damaged_Vectra_IMG_1484_d.JPG

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