Saint Malo, the city of corsairs

st-malo-phare-de-lalet-eFrancoise at St Malo was a challenge both to me personally and to my limited French.

Saint Malo, the city of corsairs and has a history of independance, at one time declaring itself a republic, ignoring bans on trade with England during wars and producing some of France’s most famous sea men.
Before I left Castelnau de Montmiral Helene told me to be very cool so I tried to be and failed; miserably.

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Friendship St Maloan style, the nicest possible way?

I arrived in Plymouth after various adventures en route including an unexpected party at St Malo and am in for a busy week.
Went to the farm at Calvados and picked up a few more important things from the wreckage of 94 RPR, my home of 22 years.

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