Photo finish, Spirit of Mystery in the Southern Ocean

“its just the painting I had hoped for” .   Regarding ‘Spirit of Mystery’ in  SoM_04.12.12_IMG_4940_wp.JPG what Hollywood calls an ‘ultimate storm’, there has been a flurry of e mails between Pete Goss and myself over the past couple of days so for those interested in the creative process here follows a summary of the completion, the lastv 2 % of effort for this large marine painting.

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A perfect Storm brewing

Slight change of plan here, following a week that felt like ‘if it can go wrong it will go wrong‘ most of my week end plans are on ‘hold’.

A different sort of storm is brewing… SoM progress 23.11.12 IMG_4862 wp_1.JPG

Having worked 2 nights on the painting, not daring to curtail  inspiration when it flowed, not having an amusing flirtatious companion to ‘manage’ my  meals, I thought I deserved a week end in the fresh air, a nice randonnee, some work on  my boat…

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Commissioning the creative process

Pete Goss, the renowned small craft sailor (look him up on you tube etc) wrote:

I have always admired that painting (“Roaring Forties“, more on that below… was commissioned by Sir Robin Knox-Johnston)  as it is one of the few paintings that for me captures the Southern Ocean in a small boat.
I would love a painting as George (Skinner) has suggested but don’t want to start something
that is beyond my budget and ends up dashing all our hopes. D1903_Roaring_Forties15.03.05.jpg

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