Mary where are you?

John Sheppard having seen my recent painting “Schooner Race“, wrote to me on the My Maritime Page asking : “Great stuff! Are there any drawings for the Mary?”
Schooners Off Falmouth, Cornwall
‘Schooner Race’, commissioned by a gentleman in Florida with a family connection.
There may be drawings of the ‘Mary of Truro‘. I had a dossier on her when I first painted this scene in 1989 … now wertizit… ?

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Wishing a Merry Christmas

This is to wish you a sincere Merry Christmas and to copy my latest newsletter for those unable to receive the News Letter from me, Itzac_eglise_IMG_6583_wp.jpg

Some of you will not have received my email Christmas card and new Christmas News letter, copy below.

Reasons for this include bounced and blocked emails (more on that below).

The Internet can be bizarre, I’d had a reply from Robin Knox-Johnston, star of my “Roaring Forties” painting, then got an, INVALID RECIPIENT message re the address!

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"Jane Banks", topsail schooner now in print

Jane Banks entering Bermuda”, is today a new marine print, taken from the marine painting, I have been working on this picture this afternoon with my printer at Adaptgraphics, for a descendant

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Rhoda Mary, schooner, and her builder

Grave_W_Ferris_IMG_2710_1__wp.JPG “William Ferris built the Rhoda Mary at Yard on the beach near Point and Penpol, near Falmouth, Cornwall.

This is a site one can still visit.

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The story behind "Rhoda Mary" and "Katie Cluett" A Dispute Settled

"Rhoda Mary" and "Katie Clewett" Rhoda Mary” and “Katie Cluett2 schooners, Cornish built by the Ferris / Trebilcock families, they were soon famous schooners.

The tale gets better;

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