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Cattewater painting for Brussels

HISTORIC: Marine artist Gordon Frickers finishing the painting of old PlymouthGF_n_Catte_IMG_7862_d.jpg

A PAINTING of Plymouth Cattewater showing a scene from the early 1880s is to be one of the centre pieces at an exhibition at the European Parliament.

Marine artist Gordon Frickers, from Plymouth, has been asked to submit the painting, entitled Plymouth Cattewater, which shows a clipper loading prior to her imminent departure for Australia.

It is believed Gordon will be one of very few British artists ever invited and certainly the first marine artist from Plymouth to exhibit at the Parliament building in Brussels.

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So how was Plymouth?

My visit to Plymouth, looking back as I try to catch up on work at Itzac, went quite well including some good PR; the bad news was getting up early to be with Gordon Sparks on BBC Radio Devon the good news, Gordon  Sparks Sparkie is great fun to be interviewed by,

There will also be a a piece in the Plymouth Evening Herald ~ (circulation about 250,000) by Tristan Nicholls of whom some including David Folley say “the best journalist on the Herald”  about the new large marine painting Plymouth Cattewater and the invitation to exhibit next year at the European Parliament in Brussels. RPCYC_IMG_7648_d.jpg

The photo here is a different view of the the Cattewater, River Plym, Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club from which I used to sail in former family days and looks towards the east shore and my former home at Plymstock.

Besides visiting familiar places and there is more to tell!

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Plymouth Evening Herald

As a result of speaking with Ian Criddle and Nigel Overton, the Plymouth Evening Herald (circulation 250,000 +) has asked for an article on my new marine painting Plymouth Cattewater GF_n_Catte_IMG_7862_d.jpgand the offer of an exhibition at the European Parliament for which the painting is intended as a centre piece (unless some one makes me an offer I can’t refuse!).

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